How it works?

  1. Fill in the adjacent form to book your EConcert
  2. Masson Media will send you the invoice for R3800
  3. Once payment is received Masson Media will contact the client to confirm the booking
  4. The client must email Masson Media the following for their EConcert Website:
    1. Logo
    2. Ticket Price (School can set the price)
    3. Client Banking Details so that the ticket sale deposits can be made directly to the client
    4. Email Address where ticket orders can be sent
  5. Masson Media will come to your school and film your concert on the day and time stipulated by the client, this must not be longer than 2 hours.
  6. Within 2 weeks of Masson Media filming the concert we will email the people who purchased the tickets the downloadable link for the concert video (the email address that was used to purchase the ticket will be the email address where the link will be sent) and we will upload it on the website so that more people can purchase tickets and download the video.
  7. There is an option to buy a ticket and a USB drive with the concert video on, the cost of the USB is R75 over and above the ticket price. Once the orders have been finalized Masson Media will invoice the client for the number of USBs ordered, at R75 per USB. Once payment has been received from the client for the USB’s Masson Media will deliver within 2 weeks.

EConcert Website Example

The EConcert website will look and function like this:

The only customisation that will be made for each school is: Logo, Banner Image, Ticket Price, Banking Details on Invoices sent for Ticket Sales, “SchoolName” as part of the domain, Email Address where orders get sent.

Terms & Conditions

  • A fee of R3800 will be invoice to the school/business when they book Masson Media for the EConcert
    • This fee needs to be paid in full to secure your booking
  • The EConcert Website will only be customised in the ways stipulated above under the heading “EConcert Website Example”
  • Whether the client takes the website option or not to sell tickets the price still remains the same
  • If the filming venue/school is more than 50km from Witbank, a travel fee will be charged.

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